Fort Canning Park

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Fort Canning Park is located on a small hill within Singapore’s central business district. Historically, it contained a military fortress that was used for harbour defence. I decided to pay a quick visit as I hadn’t visited before :)

I started my journey at Jubilee Park, a small park at the base of the hill, and slowly made my way up. The weather was pleasant to walk in as it was not too sunny, and there seemed to be people exercising in the nice weather too :))

After climbing a flight of stairs, I reached a long path called the Five Kings Walk. For some reason, I quite liked how the wooden fences looked, and how they seemed to stretch on forever :) It kind of reminds me of the Great Wall of China, too. I believe the name comes from the tales of five ancient Malay kings that once lived in a royal palace on this hill.

Moving on, I strolled towards Fort Canning Centre. I passed by the Fort Wall, and was impressed with its size! Nearby, there was a nice quiet park with swings and seats littered around, which I liked.

I believe there was a gallery and an ongoing Chinese ceramics exhibition in Fort Canning Centre, but I decided not to go as I was getting a little hungry :P

Along the way to the Spice Garden, I walked past a 9-Pound Cannon. I also noticed that there were a few groups of adults playing a treasure hunt sort of game around the park, which seemed fun!

I saw many different flowers around the Spice Garden, and there was a Spice Gallery that went underground too! Even though I didn’t explore much, I found this area to be beautiful :)

Finally, I wandered through Sang Nila Utama Garden and ended my journey in Raffles Garden. There was also a lighthouse in Raffles Garden, which was quite interesting. It seemed to be functional and aided with maritime navigation in the past.

Overall, I had an enjoyable time at the park :) It was a pleasant walking experience and it was not too crowded.

I might revisit the park someday to explore the parts I haven’t seen yet. It also seems like a nice place to read a book, or to do some writing :)