Pulau Ubin

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My visit in May of 2022.

Pulau Ubin is a beautiful island in Singapore filled with flora and fauna. Not many people go there, as it is very rural. Nevertheless, some activities are popular there, such as cycling, camping and fishing. A few months ago, my friends and I decided to visit Pulau Ubin just to sightsee :)

Since Pulau Ubin is not part of the mainland, people are required to board a ferry from Changi Point Jetty to get there. I arrived early, as I wanted to visit the park nearby to snap some photos first, before leaving :) The park is known as Changi Beach Park, and it was surprisingly tranquil and calming to stroll around in! There is also a hawker center nearby, which is convenient if you need a bite :)

Before noon, we left for Pulau Ubin. It cost $4 per direction for the ferry trip, and it took about 15 minutes to reach Pulau Ubin :) Sitting at the back of the ferry, the wind was very strong, so don’t forget to take off your hat! Also, some sea water might splash about (it was salty) :P

When we reached the island, the sky was quite overcast so I was afraid it was going to rain. I had a raincoat prepared just in case, but thankfully it didn’t rain :)

The easiest way to navigate Pulau Ubin is by cycling :) I believe it cost $10 to rent a bicycle for the whole day, from shophouses at the Main Village (see map).

After renting our bicycles, we headed off to Mamam Campsite. The ride was not too difficult, but still tiring nonetheless. I felt that road bicycles were not suitable compared to mountain bicycles, as most of my friends struggled with them.

Along the way, I noticed that there were houses selling drinks, though we didn’t stop by. There was also some wildlife along the roads such as monkeys and monitor lizards!

After about 30 minutes of cycling, we reached the campsite. We had all packed lunch along, so we enjoyed a nice picnic together :) The weather was nice and there was nobody else around, so we had the whole campsite to ourselves :)

After lunch, we packed up and headed off to our final destination, Ubin Quarry. Midway, we stopped by Pekan Quarry for some pictures :)

To get to the viewing points of Ubin Quarry, we had to dismount our bicycles and hike up a somewhat steep hill. I was quite exhausted at this point, but I think the experience was worth it anyway :)

Along the hike up, you can start to see Singapore, as well as Changi Airport! Upon reaching the top, you can even see the coastline of Johor Bahru. The water in the quarry is a really interesting turquoise blue as well :) Overall, the view was nice :)

After visiting Ubin Quarry, we headed back to Singapore :) It was a nice trip even though it was short!

I feel like going back to Pulau Ubin one day, to explore the other locations, as well as to try some food over there. It’s quite daunting, but one day I might even decide to camp there for a night :)